Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A 100 Mile Day in the MINI E

Today I was all over the place in our MINI E. The more I drive it, the more I just take it for granted. It'll get me where I want to go and back. The early days of worrying about whether or not I'll run out of juice are long gone. Here are all the places we went today in the MINI E:

The watch store up the street to get a battery replaced.
Back to our house to pick up something we forgot.
To the Long Beach VA Hospital to drop off my wife for her volunteer work.
To Costco to pick up a bunch of stuff including a super large shredder that I squeezed into the front seat.
Back to the house to unload.
Then to Trader Joes for three bags of groceries and back to house again to unload.
Finally to Burbank for work and then back home.

Another 100 mile day in the MINI E. I was able to charge at work for approx 6 hours on 110. Will roll into the garage tonight with about 10 miles left and charge back up to 100% for about $3.00. In the morning, I'll roll out with a full tank.

18,250 miles and climbing. Loving the KNOW GAS MINI E. :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Second year is a go

BMW Financial called and confirmed that we wanted to continue for year two. They then asked a few financial questions and said I'd be getting an e-mail within one day with their decision. A few hours later we got the e-mail that all is well and that year two is a go.

Just passed 17k miles and can't imagine going back to a regular gas vehicle for my 85 - 90 mile commute. The time saved at the gas station along with the fuel savings is fabulous. Using a power source that is created here in the USA is a big plus. Understand some folks point about the MINI E not being truly zero emission (unless you're powering it with the sun like a few folks are) since coal is used to create some of the electricity.