Monday, February 22, 2010

We'll be finding out soon about lease extension offer :)

Was happy to see in the MINI E e-mail blast we received today that we should be hearing about the lease extension offer by early March. From reading, it's not clear if everyone will be offered a lease extension. I quote, "The first email to keep an eye out for will come from by no later than early March. We will announce details about the opportunity to re-lease the MINI E for a second year, from this email address. As previously mentioned, this offer will be extended to a number of Pioneers, but only to those who are able to respond because the announcement is not stuck in a junk mail folder – well that’s not actually part of the criteria, we just want to be sure you receive the email and have the chance to respond quickly."

There's been a lot of talk about what the monthly price should be for the second year. A number of $425.00 a month was brought up in the Facebook MINI E group and that number sounds perfect. That would bring the 24 month average to $637.50. I for one, would be thrilled with that number. I love spreading the joy of emission free MINI E driving and hope to do so in the second year.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

14,000 miles today and lots of rain

Crossed the 14,000 mile mark today. Had another big storm today in Southern California. Drove the 40 miles to work in a downpour with no problems. The MINI E stayed straight and true. Regen kicked off a couple of times in deep water. Car handled great. Our miles would be a lot higher if we had a back seat. Can't wait for the BMW Active E Concept.