Monday, February 22, 2010

We'll be finding out soon about lease extension offer :)

Was happy to see in the MINI E e-mail blast we received today that we should be hearing about the lease extension offer by early March. From reading, it's not clear if everyone will be offered a lease extension. I quote, "The first email to keep an eye out for will come from by no later than early March. We will announce details about the opportunity to re-lease the MINI E for a second year, from this email address. As previously mentioned, this offer will be extended to a number of Pioneers, but only to those who are able to respond because the announcement is not stuck in a junk mail folder – well that’s not actually part of the criteria, we just want to be sure you receive the email and have the chance to respond quickly."

There's been a lot of talk about what the monthly price should be for the second year. A number of $425.00 a month was brought up in the Facebook MINI E group and that number sounds perfect. That would bring the 24 month average to $637.50. I for one, would be thrilled with that number. I love spreading the joy of emission free MINI E driving and hope to do so in the second year.

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