Tuesday, December 1, 2009

10,000 Miles and climbing

I finally hit the 10,000 mile mark back on 11/20/09. With the holidays and all, I've been a little behind on my blog postings. Finally, with the addition of the large plug sticker on each door, folks are starting to notice the car more. I've gotten quite a few thumbs up of late. The car is driving great and continues to be a blast to drive. Driving clean doesn't have to be boring and the MINI E does a great job of adding excitement to my daily commute.

That's our daughter in the picture and she loves the MINI E as much as we do. Hopefully by the time she's driving, there will be many electric cars to choose from. She's very excited about electric cars and is frequently saying how she doesn't like riding in "stinky gas cars". A few weeks ago we drove the MINI E up to Glendale, CA to check out the Leaf. It was a lot of fun and we both had our picture taken with the Leaf.


  1. Kudos on 10K! Your daughter is adorable!

  2. Your little girl is an absolute doll! You and Kari must be as proud as can be of her. I also enjoyed seeing the photo of you three with Santa on Facebook. Ah, the joys of little girls! Too bad the Mini E doesn't have a rear seat to take her along on your drives. Let's hope that the definitive BMW EV won't have that limitation.