Thursday, January 28, 2010

New tires and wiper blades at 13k service

Just had the 13k service at 13,200. The two front tires were replaced along with the wiper blades. The tires were below the 2.5mm minimum on the left and right sides of the tire. The tires looked great to me but thanks to MINI for keeping me safe and sound. Was given a 335i loaner. Brand new car. A rocket ship but only got 17.5 mpg. I did have a lot of stop and go traffic which doesn't help a gas powered car but increases the range of an electric car due to the regen braking. I spent $26.00 over the two days driving to work and back. In the MINI E my cost would have been $4.50. :)
I find myself really missing the regen braking when I'm without the E.

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