Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why we've chosen to extend for a second year

As you may have read in the Facebook MINI E group and other sites, we were offered a second year lease extension at $600.00 a month with all terms of our current lease remaining the same.

We and others had hoped for a payment closer to $400.00. There's been speculation that BMW wants to move some of the MINI E cars around perhaps to other countries and that a higher price helps assure they get a fair number of cars back. Whatever the reasons are I understand this is business and for some folks the number can work and for others, it makes no sense.

Like a few others in the Field Trial, we drive a lot of miles. The more miles you drive, the easier it is to justify the $600.00 payment. While we'll by no means break even, the savings generated by not purchasing fuel, oil changes, tires and other things that arise in driving 20k or so miles (along with less depreciation on our other vehicle) makes it a little easier to swallow.

The major thing that you can't put a price on is the fun factor. I love driving the MINI E. The smiles I see on the numerous test drivers faces and the joy I get from punching that pedal and zipping away is priceless.

This program has given me the opportunity to take part in something that's hopefully going to lead to more choices for future drivers like our four year old girl. EVs may not be right for everyone but having them in the market for those who want them is something I'm really excited about.

Lastly, I was really happy to see the quote below from today's MINI E Plugged In newsletter that each Pioneer receives:

Those choosing to lease their MINI E for a second year will get a priority spot in line for the new BMW ActiveE scheduled to come in summer 2011, assuming all other program requirements are met.

Being able to go places as a family in a gas free vehicle will be awesome. Having that vehicle be a BMW is an added bonus that'll be hard to beat!

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