Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In for 18,500 service, needs new windshield

#140 currently at the dealer for a windshield replacement. They spotted a chip during the scheduled service visit. A piece of trim needed to be ordered and hopefully we'll get the car back on Thursday. Was given a Cooper S as a loaner and it's quite zippy. Have put 250 miles on it so far. In looking at the differences between the E and the S, the noise is one thing that never use to bother me before in driving a gas powered car but now after getting spoiled by silence in the E, after a day or so it was really noticeable. Also the jerking around of the gears shifting was something I'd forgotten about since the E is a single speed. The smoothness and quietness of the E are two great qualities that I'm currently missing with the loaner.


  1. Todd,
    When you get it back you're going to have start driving it some more. I'm rooting for you to hit 20k before your 1 year anniversary!

  2. I stand in awe. I am just cracking 4,000 on mine, although I have loved every one of them. But between travel, Sabbath and kids I just don't get to drive it as much as I'd like!

  3. Tom: Not sure if I'll make it but sure going to try.

    Mike: Tom's closing in on 30k, he puts us both to shame. :) Having a 90 mile commute each day helps the miles climb. Can't wait for the Active E with a back seat.

  4. C'mon, take an extra road trip or two ;)

    I'm at 29,300 now. I got the car on June 12th last year so I'm trying to hit 30k on May 12th so it will be exactly 11 months. I should be able to do it unless I have a problem.

    I'm going to do a guest blog post on Edmunds Inside Line when I hit 30k to talk about my experiences driving the car 30,000 miles in 11 months. I'll let you know when it's up.