Thursday, October 28, 2010

Front tires keep spinning & GE leads the EV charge!

It seems lately that I just can't stop spinning the front tires. Perhaps the electricity of late has been extra pure, kinda like premium gasoline. :) As the 28,000 mile mark quickly approaches, the car is as fun to drive today as day one. I seem to be getting more thumbs up of late too. Perhaps all the press coverage of the various electric cars in the pipeline are finally getting folks attention.

Speaking of the press, was very happy to see this article about GE, my employer.

Getting vehicles out on the road is a big step in gaining acceptance with the folks who remain skeptical about how the vehicle would fit into their life. I have a feeling that the sales people GE intends to drive these vehicles will find themselves shopping for an electric vehicle of their own sooner than later.

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