Tuesday, March 29, 2011

35,500 miles and in for scheduled service

Dropped off the MINI at Long Beach MINI in Long Beach, CA this morning. It's in for it's scheduled service. Almost 1000 miles past due I think. Life has been so busy of late, it's been tough to schedule a visit. The MINI E has become such a part of the family sort of speak, we use it for everything possible. Our gas powered Ford Freestyle sits idle in the garage 99% of the time collecting dust.

Quick note about the loaner I got today. It's a 2011 Clubman with the new MINI Connected system. It's completely different than the old style. The car didn't have a manual and yet within a few minutes I figured out how to pair my Palm Pre, set a few radio stations and check that the daytime running laps and 3 click turn signals were on. Great job MINI in making it intuitive. At first it appeared a little overwhelming but I've driven the car only 4 miles back from the dealership and really like the interface....I of course miss the driving experience of the MINI E. :)

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