Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good News to Report!

Earlier today we had a second visit to check out the electrical panel. Today Rue Phillips came by. Rue's company was involved in the EV1 roll out and he is VERY familiar with electrical vehicles, chargers, etc. The difference between this visit with Rue and the first visit was like night and day. Rue lives and breaths electric vehicles and knows his stuff. 

We were happy to find out that our 100amp panel is fine. Even though it's full and appears to be maxed out, no problem. Reason being is that Edison is moving full speed ahead with the assumption that more and more folks will be using electric vehicles and planning accordingly. They have a special piggy back Electric Meter that will replace my meter. Our current meter will be pulled out. The new meter will go into the same hole. The second meter is attached to the first meter, sticks off to one side. There will also be a small box that will attach with four screws that will contain a shut off. This will mount next to the meter. Lastly there will be a small wire running from this box to a ground. This is all on the outside of the house. 

On the inside of the garage will be the charger. We also found out there will be a timer that can have set to the time we'd like the vehicle to charge. In our area there are special EV rates if you charge from 9pm - 12 noon. This will allow us to plug the vehicle in when we get home and not worry about forgetting to plug in the car at 9pm. Rue said our install is very straight forward and that the next step will be pulling permits.  We were very happy with Rue and this news!

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