Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back on the road again with the MINI E

After 6 days out of service, I picked up #140 this morning. Have no further info on what the problem was other than it involved the battery. See Matt's post in the comments section of post below for more info on what was probably addressed.

Having put 325 miles on the Cooper S, it took a few miles to get use to the MINI E again. The cars drive so differently.

Hopefully my last service visit for a while.


  1. Having driven an "E" I'd say you are correct they do drive very differently. I found the steering akin to having a flat tire feeling and the regen braking really odd. Acceleration fun though.

  2. When I drive my 'other' cars, I miss Regenerative Braking.
    The 'Torque steer' actually feels like Power to me, it's like 'Hold On'!

    Hope you have No more 'visits'!