Friday, August 7, 2009

First service visit and thoughts on 09 Convertible

#140 is back on the road. Just had the first official service visit at 3700 miles. Control Modules were checked, motor components, charge plug, suspension, brakes, etc. No problems and I had car back in 24 hours from drop off. Thanks Long Beach MINI! The tech left a brochure for police/fire folks in case of an accident, on the front passenger seat.

Had the chance to drive the new 2009 MINI convertible while the E was in for service. I paid the extra $25.00 for the upgrade to Enterprise (on site at Long Beach MINI). It's a nice car. A couple of observations. 1) I'd forgotten how loud a regular engine is. 2) With the top down you can see all around the vehicle easily however with the top up there are some big blind spots near the rear pillars on each side. I wouldn't feel comfortable driving it on the freeway each day with the top up. 3) There's a gauge that keeps track of how long you've been driving with the top down. Nice touch. It would be a great car for cruising around the city, beaches, etc.

Glad to be back in the MINI E!


  1. I found, I was a passenger in one, that even with the top down I couldn't see diddly in one of those MINIs. You must be tall? The "Open" gauge is kool, but there is no storage in one of them.

  2. Todd, I had the same reaction when I had a regular gas-powered Mini as a loaner while #156 was getting her brain transplant. Loud!

    Not as noticeable when I switch back and forth with my own gas car, as it's an X5 with a "relaxed" V6 and plenty of sheet-metal and insulation between me and the engine. But with that high-revving 4-banger practically in your lap - the difference in noise (and vibration) is HUGE between a gas and electric Mini.