Saturday, July 4, 2009

#140 auto shifting to Neutral while driving

Car was acting quite strange this evening. Car was parked all day and I decided to give my Cousin a test drive before calling it a day. We started off with 100% charge and traveled about 1 mile with no problem. I then took the car up to 40mph and then punched it...wanting to demonstrate the quick pick up even while moving....I immediately heard a loud pop and noticed that the car had switched to neutral and the triangle next to the miles traveled had lit up...similar to how it does when the battery warning light comes on at 29% charge. While still moving I moved the gear shift to neutral (it still showed "D" even though the display showed "N") and then back to drive and the car appeared to be back to normal. However the triangle stayed lit up. We then stopped, turned off the car, waited a minute and then started it again. Triangle was gone and all seemed well. Took off again and whamo, happened again at approx 40 mph...once I punched it, a loud pop and then the neutral light was lit up again. We repeated this a total of 4 times over the course of our 3 mile test drive. This is the first time I've ever had this problem. We'll see if I can repeat it tomorrow.

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  1. It wasn't raining was it? Or you didn't drive through a large puddle, did you?

    I ask because Michael Graham has also seen the "N" light come on, even though the shift was in "D":

    In his case, it was apparently because of getting the undercarriage soaked. Yet his "N" light blinked on-and-off, I don't think he heard a "pop," and he had to reboot the car to get it going again.

    Geez... if it happens again, it will likely mean another trip to the experts' shop. Hope not!

    Yeah... I'll BET that you hide the MINI E from Kari 'cause it's too fun to drive! She might end up cruising the PCH...! ;-) "Gee, honey, I can't remember where I put the key fob...!"