Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The mysterious golden box

Dropped off the car this morning for the problem mentioned in blog post below. Received word back that parts have been ordered and the MINI E tech will be installing them on Wednesday. The parts involve the mysterious golden box under the hood. Should know more soon.


  1. would love to see video of that operation taking place. Anyone from BMW who is reading this (we see you in our log files), what do you think? Maybe a phone call to AC Propulsion for some dispensation on filming and posting such a thing? Would make for an anonymous email on Friday that might have something worth reading in it (though they did tell me about hill assist, still thanks for that).

  2. Todd, are they able to work on the car at the dealership? Mine (059) went in Monday to Monrovia but the service rep said it would be sent on to Oxnard. I doubt I'll hear anything for a few more days. Hopefully your will be back much sooner this time!

  3. I wonder how many MINI E's are having problems. My mini e was just sent in to the dealer also. I would guess 20% have been returned in the first month?