Sunday, July 26, 2009

MINI E out runs three souped up Acura's

Tonight as we were heading back from dinner on surface streets we started to hear some engine revving and noticed in the rear view mirror three Acura Integra's hot rodding through traffic. At the next light, we all ended up together. These guys had gauges galore, giant pipes, fire extinguishers mounted near the windshield, etc. Two on my left side, one behind me. This left one open lane on the right. This was a moment I'd been waiting for. I could see the guy behind us looking at our license plate (KNOW GAS) but the two to the left didn't give us a second thought. When that light changed, we changed lanes and floored it leaving all three behind. We happened to be going through a tunnel and the echo of their engines was super loud. I hit 85mph about half way through and eased off as they blew by me. They were probably doing 100+ at that point. At the next light all three noticed us and were giving the car a good look over. They were smiling and shaking their heads. It's gotta be a little humbling realizing that your street racer just got beat by an electric car. Another fun day in the MINI E!


  1. I've driven one of these and found the 0-20 launch quite slow but from there on, amazing. I also found the "Torque Steer", my 2004 MINI Cooper S doesn't have that, a bit scary but I guess you get used to that?

  2. Hi RB...fortunately, the torque steer that I experienced early on is all but gone now that they replaced the gold box under the hood. :) Drives nice and straight now.

  3. Great story Todd, I had a similar encounter with a Mustang late one night.
    He was shocked that I was still there!