Thursday, July 9, 2009

MINI E back with new Gold Box

We picked up our car this evening at around 7pm from Long Beach Mini. Earlier this morning the gold box under the hood was replaced. I was told that the MINI E tech was very familiar with the problem we experienced (see earlier post video) and we were the 5th one he'd worked on with this problem. When I peeked under the hood after returning home, I noticed some stickers that weren't there before including the large one on the box itself. Glad to have the car back and hope not to be back at the dealer until our 3000 mile check up. The gas powered MINI loaner was fun but it was no MINI E. :)

When picking up your car from a service visit, be sure to check the charge setting before plugging in. Mine was set at 50amp the last two service visits.


  1. Fifth MINI E with this problem, huh? Looks like the testing program is doing just that: testing the components. AC Propulsion might be a bit overwhelmed at this point, but probably grateful for the chance to fine-tune their EV drivetrains with all this "real world" feedback. I hope that it's smooth sailing for you from hear on out!

  2. same problem here
    stalled in LA downtowntraffic 3 times due to D - U shifting problem
    gave up after the 3rd time and got the car towed
    think it's a major design flaw in the electronics box