Sunday, July 26, 2009

3000 miles and going strong!

Just passed the 3000 mile mark. Love the car! 3 folks took the car for a spin this past week. When they punched it, the remarks were the same...WOW! Any perceptions of a golf cart wrapped up in a MINI body were quickly erased.

I'll be attending the EV event in Long Beach, CA on August 11th. Hope to see other MINI E folks there!

Here's a link for more info:

Long Beach EV Event August 11th


  1. Great Todd and Kari!

    #183 just turned 200 miles with no issues.

    I know you have had a bump or two on your way to 3k.

    My Q to you is, in a previous gas car were you putting on similer mlilage per month? Or do you find yourself driving the Mini-E more than normal due to the emmisions free driving.


  2. Hi Peder...did you mean 2000 miles? :)

    I was doing a lot of driving in our gas vehicle. However, in the case of the MINI E, I now look forward to driving a whole lot more.


  3. Hi Todd,

    Great to hear that all is going so well. I am only at 1,800 miles so far and my wife is driving it more than me these days. I hope I get it back soon.