Sunday, June 7, 2009

560 Miles in the MINI E and finally recognized!

This afternoon we were parked on Hollywood Blvd about a block down from the Pantages Theater. We had just seen Dirty Dancing and were checking out a small car show that was set up on a side street. I've become so use to folks not recognizing the car, I was pretty shocked when a large family approached us asking about the MINI E. We had short chat about the car and I showed them a few things. They were very happy to see the car in person.

Unfortunately, on the way home, the same warning light we've been seeing the past three days made it's appearance again. At first I thought it was related to stop and go traffic but this time it came on during highway driving. Each time it would stay on for 2 to 3 minutes with the loss of Regen during this time. Battery temp was 91, outside temp was 71. We stopped to eat for about an hour on our way back to Long Beach and upon starting up, the light appeared yet again but this time went out within 30 seconds or so. We jumped back on the 5. Once we hit the 605, traffic was flowing at 80+. I decided to keep it at 80 and flow with traffic. After about 10 minutes of this, the battery temp was close to 100 and finally hit 100 as we got off the freeway. The warning light did not come back on during this little test.

Tomorrow morning the vehicle goes in for service. Hopefully MINI E #140 won't be gone to long. Other than this little snafu, it's been a great week of driving.

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