Thursday, June 18, 2009

93 Mile commute today

Drove 93 miles today on a single charge. Went from Long Beach to Universal City to Burbank, out to lunch and then after work drove back to Long Beach. The car is working great and the warning light I encountered (see earlier blog postings) has not returned. It was a little warmer up in Burbank today and I noticed that the Battery temp stayed right at 102 for most of the 40 miles drive home. When I pulled into the garage I had 9 miles remaining and 11% battery charge. A/C was on 90% of the time and the Daytime Running Lights are now on full time. Also listening to radio 100% of the time. I'm currently at 975 miles and will cross 1000 tomorrow. The miles fly by quickly in the MINI E. :)

Update: It took 30 kwhs to recharge back to 100% this morning.

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