Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Being patient

Spoke briefly to salesperson at Long Beach MINI this afternoon who thanked me for my patience. My questions regarding a possible lease extension or credit for days out of service during the trial must be addressed by corporate. I've sent e-mails and awaiting a response. It appears the priority for MINI/BMW at the moment is to get the cars out by June 30th in order to get the CARB credits. I understand that and hope that once that happens the communication will improve. Up to this point, it's been pretty one way. If I wasn't persistent and making phone calls, I'd still be waiting for my charger install. Glad to see other cars rolling out in the East and hope the problems Joel and I experienced are isolated to our two cars. Can't wait to get back in the MINI E.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your problem. I have had a higher battery temp on my MINI E with a lower ambient air temp, without any problems. There is a picture of the battery temp display in my blog: