Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Costco, Sam's Club, 95 mph and more!

These past few days have been a blast! #140 has been in Huntington Beach, Carson, Burbank and everywhere in between. In all our travels we've yet to see another MINI E although we were spotted by Jim #230.

We even did the unthinkable and went to Costco one day and Sam's Club the next. I'm happy to report that a 32 Pack of Arrowhead Water fits perfectly on the floor of the passenger's side. We were able to pack up the back with all sorts of things and while we needed to leave some packaging behind, it all fit and we didn't put anything on top of the batteries.

The reason we've been to all these places in the MINI E is because it's such a blast to drive that we don't want to drive our other vehicle. I've hit the 95mph max at least five times and only one of those times was intentional. When on the freeway it's so easy to go from 65 to 95 in seconds. Each time the Regen kicks in right at 95 and starts slowing the car down. I'm zipping around cars with little effort.

Normally on my drive to work and back (80 miles total) I drive 65 or so (when I can) and basically get blown off the road. Today, I said enough of this and decided to flow with traffic and had a good 10 or so miles of 80+. Granted this caused the miles left indicator to drop to 8 miles as I exited the freeway but by the time I got home it had climbed back up to 15. This was as low as I had taken it.

Each day I look forward to hoping in #140 for another adventure!

Total miles today: 85.5
Total kwhs used: 28
This was the first day using the Daytime Running Lamps. Plan on leaving them on going forward.

I also keep the A/C on 90% of the time when I drive with the fan set at the lowest setting.

P.S. As gas prices climb past $3.00, these adventures are more economical than ever. :)

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  1. The cargo capacity of the Mini-E is underated!

    We took #183 to Temecula wine country (91miles) and I am happy to report that four case of wine fit perfectly in the rear. Two on the bottom and then two laying sdeways on top of the other two.

    I also can't stop driving the Mini-E

    Glad to hear you guys are having a blast.