Tuesday, June 2, 2009

MINI E second trip to Burbank a success!

Our MINI E had it's first guest driver today, a former pilot. He loved it. The torque steer reminded him of some planes he's flown. He couldn't stop talking about how much fun it was to drive.

I quickly recharged and then was off to Burbank via Universal City. Today's journey consisted of light traffic both ways with my return journey at night using the headlights. The xenon lights provide great visability and didn't seem to drop the battery power to much. I kept my speed to around 60 mph on the return trip. As I pulled in to the garage, I had 26 miles remaining. Car is a blast to drive! Can't wait for tomorrow.

Miles driven today: 81
kwhs used: 26


  1. I'm glad to see that 100 miles is a realistic range.

  2. The miles driven vs. kilowatt hours is going to be something I watch very closely on my Mini-E so thanks for the info.

    example, your experience = 3.1 mile per KW. 3.1 mile times 9 = 28, that is the mpg of a gas mini.

    Gas 28 miles = $3.00 a gallon

    Mini-E 28 miles = 9 kwh at .16 off peak rates
    or $1.44

    I would imagine that city driving would take the Mini-e up to about 4kwh per mile so the math gets even better.

    Even better of course is solar P.V.

    I am glad the car is doing what you need it to do. It will be fun to see if that range holds up all year, I am pretty sure that it will and even slightly improve.


  3. Todd & Kari:

    It sure sounds like your MINI E is exceeding your expectations so far! I can't tell you how envious I am. Since I don't live in an approved "test area," I have to vicariouosly experience the thrill by reading the reports of you lessees.

    You know, I think that you --and your pilot friend-- should set John Voelcker at "GreenCarReports" straight, because his recent review of the MINI E was downright nasty, and blatantly contradicts your impressions to date:


    I am intrigued by the numbers that you are chalking up. Let's see... if I am calculating correctly, so far you are getting about 3.06 miles per kWh (wall-to-wheels efficiency). With my electricity rates, that would add up to about... 2.7 cents per mile. Not bad at all!

    That is certainly in the same ballpark as other EVs. My rough estimates give the RAV4-EV around 2.73 miles per kWh; the Tesla Roadster 3.25.

    (All those figures make me wonder if Mitsubishi is grossly exaggerating the efficiency of the i-MiEV. They have claimed that it goes an average of 6.23 miles per kWh. Hmmm. Twice as far...? Naw, that can't be right!)

    Keep your reports coming! We depend upon pioneers like you!

  4. I have a similar meter instlled in my garage in NJ. When I finally get my car I hope to track similar info. Thanks for the early indications.

    Mike G


  5. I love reading this blog. Cannot wait to become a passenger one day soon! Connie