Thursday, June 4, 2009

First problem with MINI E :(

Today I had my first warning light come on. It happened three times during my 40 mile drive to work in stop and go traffic. For those with the car, it's the symbol on page 101 of the manual, second one up from the bottom. Here's the description of what the warning light means:

"Energy Recovery limited due to hot high voltage battery"

"Be ready to brake at all times as the vehicle is not decelerated as is usual during energy recovery"

You lose the Regen function when light is on.

Outside temp was 74, left a cool garage before starting my drive. Battery temp was 91 when light came on.

I've been told that running the AC will help cool the battery as the cool air will go into the vents behind the front seats. Will try that and see what happens.

I'm now at 340 miles and loving the car! Still no one has noticed that the MINI E is anything special.


  1. Yikes, no regen, I guess it could be worse. Can't wait to hear how the first MINI E service call goes.

    I read on another blog that there might be a MINI-E manual online somewhere, any hints?

  2. You'll find the MINI E Owner's Manual link in a Tweet from NoGasMini on Twitter. Use the following link to see all of David's Tweets:


  3. I read about this in the owners manual and immediately thought this is going to lead to an accident, you cant have a break system, that works one way sometimes and another way other times. I can just see myself forgetting regenerative breaking isnt working and having to jam on the breaks at the last second, or not realizing its working again and letting my foot off the gas and getting an unexpected breaking.
    A car, and especially breaking needs to be predictable.


  4. Does a tech examine the car or do you have to rely on phone service & owners manual only?? Connie

  5. Car heading into the shop, more info coming in today's blog posting later this evening.

  6. Got my car from Long Beach on Tuesday. After a drive up a 2 mi hill a new light came on. Battery temp 105. Now it won't take a charge. Still have 36 mi to get to Long Beach. I guess the'll have two to service on Monday.