Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sad news about MINI E #140

Just received some sad news about our MINI E. It needs to be taken to Oxnard, CA for further evaluation and won't be back until next Thursday or Friday (June 18th or 19th). I'm awaiting to hear about a lease adjustment or extension on the lease. I'd really like a full year with the MINI E. More details as I get them.

Joel's car also heading to Oxnard.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about all the problems, since I know how you love the little rascal, Mini-E. Are they compensating you for the trips to "beautiful downtown Oxnard?" Connie

  2. Todd & Kari: Rats...! Sorry to hear about this. I suppose that #140 merits closer scrutiny, however, because it is really odd that the regen kicks off when the battery pack is "too hot" at 91 degrees, yet not when it reaches 100 degrees. Let's hope that they find the problem --and solution-- soon. I wonder if they'll call in the AC Propulsion experts...?

  3. any word? i am really interested to hear how they are handling repair on these across 2 coasts.